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Our services

We work for You
with tailor made service

Through a long collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we have developed a service concept that includes four main areas, which are as follows:

You can read more about each of the four factors below. As a customer, you can choose from a list of our services and we will be happy to accommodate you.

The vast majority of our clients prefer us managing all the main tasks in relation to providing them with the desired goods. In other words, we use our service concept to ensure that our customers get the right product at the expected quality, with the best price and right time.

Quality control

  • Traceability: We ensure full tracking of all products - all the way back to the original manufacturer or supplier.
  • Specifications: We will work together with the client to define the product's precise specifications and ensure that the delivered product always meets these specifications.
  • Pre-loading check: Before each shipment, we carry out precise inspections of the goods. These controls might vary from product to product.
  • Reporting for each shipment: As a customer, you will have access to all reports related to your product. This ensures a rapid response in case of recalls or regulatory requirements for documentation. We at HHK A/S will save all the reports and documents.
  • Recall procedures: We can quickly contribute to an effective recall procedure by using our own inspection program and with full documentation and traceability.
  • Sample control: We at Dominique Bananas work with food and the safety of our products is of great importance to our company. Therefore, we always ensure that tests and analyses are run before the goods are being shipped.
  • Laboratory analysis This tool is often used to ensure extra safety and also as a confirmation of previous analyses.

Supplier Selection

Our suppliers are an important pillar of our business model, due to the fact that we always want to offer our customers high quality products. Therefore, interworking with our suppliers is an absolute necessity. We have worked with a number of our suppliers for decades and are very proud to have chosen these reliable suppliers. They are among the most capable and flexible suppliers and are always ready to meet our customers' needs.
We are very proud of our suppliers!

The suppliers are selected on the basis of:
  • Certifications: We only work with companies that meet the standards demanded by our customers, authorities and our own requirements.
  • CSR: We at Dominique Bananas are a responsible producer and our values include the focus on social responsibility and respect for nature. We do not demand large shiny CSR strategies from our suppliers, however, we expect an effort to ensure that the employees are treated well and the nature is protected.
  • Transparency: We require that our suppliers are 100% transparent and all information will be available for us and our customers to access.
  • Auditing: All of our suppliers are audited either by our own quality department or by external certified auditors. Some of our customers choose to perform audits themselves, according to their own schedules.
  • Finance: We also keep an eye on our suppliers’ financial situation and banking circumstances.


The many years we have been working in international trade have given us extensive experience with logistics and, above all, access to a network of highly competitive partners who specialise in logistics. In collaboration with them, we have created an effective supply chain management.
  • If our customers choose to manage imports themselves, we ensure that they have all the necessary documents available.
  • Documents and load handling in connection with POL (Port of Loading) and POD (Port of Discharge/Delivery): We handle all documents related to loading, unloading, customs clearance etc.
  • Supply agreement and programme: We offer our customers solid supply programmes, for example with fixed prices. This offers our customers assurance and stability in an often-volatile market.
  • Fully detailed and transparent cost structure: We are a transparent company who strive to be efficient for our customers. We therefore operate with the principle of sharing the whole cost structure with our clients – this ensures us all to be more efficient.


We aim to always support our customers in order to achieve a successful strategy. Our team offers support in:
  • Development with our suppliers and clients, in areas such as product development, design and packaging.
  • We are offering our customers strong brands as well, such us our in-house brands, private labels or HHK’s own brands.
  • Moreover, we can offer our customers exclusive distribution rights on selected brands.
  • In special cases, we can offer investment and ownership to our clients and suppliers.
  • By showing the most important parameters to our customers, we provide a clear picture of the market and ensure transparency.
  • Our company is highly responsible for all negotiations and tender management
  • Additionally, we offer our customers attractive payment terms, the choice of currency and we also offer different financing options.


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