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About Hirsholmen Handelskompagni

We work for you

Hirsholmen Handelskompagni, HHK for short, was established back in 2008 in the small fishing town called Strandby, by the idyllic Kattegat in Vendsyssesl in Denmark. We are a Danish- Colombian family company where the family’s Danish origins have deep roots in this small fishing town. Here, the earlier generations of the family were involved in fishing, agriculture and merchant trading, just like the family’s maternal grandfather was the auctioneer at Strandby Fish Auction.

On the other side, the family’s Colombian affiliation is the lovely port of Santa Marta, which is located directly out to the Caribbean Sea. HHK operates our subsidiary C.I. Compras Americas (C.I.C.A) from here.

Our office in Santa Marta Colombia

C.I.C.A is our Colombian trading company, which obtains many of the items that are sold through HHK. Besides our own trading activities, C.I.C.A has been exclusively selected by the French Casino Group to attend to its South American purchasing activities. C.I.C.A has also been the official office for Casino Group in South America for many years (CGS Santa Marta Global Sourcing).

At present, HHK is ready to supply a broad range of quality products, which mostly can be adapted to the customer’s individual requirements and specifications. Our core areas are frozen and fresh seafood, fish and fruit canned goods, flowers and, of course, the world’s best organic bananas.

  • Our mission

    We want to be our customer’s channel when they need to obtain the right food products for their business. Regardless of whether it is raw ingredients, intermediate products or finished products, we make it our mission to support and advice you during the process.

    Through our unique global network and our very agile organisation, we deliver a broad variety of quality products to our customers fast and effectively. We find and connect the best value chains for the benefit of all participants - including the end-consumers.

  • Our vision

    Our work focuses on creating long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We truly believe that these are relationships that create value, suppliers and consumers. We want to be the preferred partner in the industrial, retail and food service industry when it comes to sourcing quality food products.

  • Our values

    In our core values, we aim for orderliness in all our activities and relationships. We operate our activities with respect for the people who work every day to produce, deliver and distribute our products. Our constant focus lays on the quality and control with which we want to ensure peace of mind for our customers and consumers. On our own banana plantations, we work determinedly on creating good conditions for our employees, their families and children. As a result of our targeted and hard work with the preservation of natural resources in our rural areas, our plantations currently hold the world record for the highest Rainforest Alliance score!
  • Our background

    We want to share a little bit more about the background of our family business and how we started working in Denmark and South America. Hirsholmen Handelskompani was established 10 years ago, in 2008. However, we started operating the South American subsidiary, Compras Americas a few years later, in 2013.

    The company’s increased activities in Europe and a strong desire to be represented in Denmark led to the establishment of HHK A/S.

    It has since experienced a big growth which confirms that our hard work and constant aim for the highest possible quality of products and customer service pay off. We are therefore very pleased about the many Danish partners and customers who have joined us and who contribute to our continued development.

    We appreciate the trust and support our customers and suppliers have set in us and aim to make it always worthwhile. The family business sense is rooted in HHK and we see our tasks and network as family.

Our certifications

  • Fairtrade
  • Organic production method Organic EU
  • Organic production method USDA-NOP
  • CERES Certification of Environmental Standards
  • Rainforrest Allience
  • BASC
  • Demeter Logo


  • Havnegade 39
    1058 Copenhagen
  • +45 96216060
  • Daniel Jesus Aagaard Soto


  • Ed.Bahia Centro of 805
    Cra 1a No 22-58
    Santa Marta - Colombia
  • +57 5431 83 83
  • +57 315 355 34 92
  • Louis Hesselholt


  • Tahiti 6518
  • +59 9 8502 9313
  • Niels Gaitaud

USA - Seattle

  • HHK A/S Seattle / USA
    2922 Eastlake Ave East
    Seattle, Wa. 98102
  • 206 323 3325
  • Dale Sherrow